Visit Burkina

Clearly, not everybody can spend a few months teaching at our school. But several sponsors would like to meet the child they sponsor and help us somehow. More than 20 sponsors have already visited our school and have met the child they sponsor. They all say that it was very exciting!

No tothom pot dedicar uns mesos a estar fent classes a l’escola. Però varis padrins els agradaria conèixer el seu nen/a apadrinat/da, o ajudar d’alguna altra manera. Mes de 20 padrins han anat a conèixer el seu nen/a. Tots diuen que va ser molt emocionant!


Belen Mateo, Calonge, Barcelona

“My experience in Burkina Faso in December 2014 was great and very fulfilling. Living with a family that welcomed us so well; and spending time with such friendly children, was an incredible experience. Children gave me smiles, friendship, tenderness, kindness, hugs and love, in a way that I cannot explain. I only hope I will be able to see them again someday. I still think about them a lot. Another very exciting experience was when I met the girl I sponsor, called Bienvenue, who is extremely friendly and sweet. She introduced me to her family and as everywhere in the slum, I felt like home, because of their kindness. I thank all the participants in this project for making this small school be able to get more children educated, and especially their managers, because of the work they do in their spear time to keep this project running. Thanks for letting me be part of such an amazing project!” 

“La meva experiència en conèixer l’escola Good News i Apadrina un nen a Burkina Faso ha sigut molt satifactòria i enriquidora. Conviure el dia a dia amb la família que tant bé ens va acollir i amb els nens de l’escola varen fer-me una experiència innolvidable. Dels nens vaig rebre cada dia els somriures, l’amistat, l’amabilitat, la tendresa, les abraçades,… No tinc paraules com em varen fer sentir, només espero tornar-los a veure en una altra ocasió ja que penso moltíssim en ells. Una altra experiència molt emocionat, va ser quan vaig conèixer la meva nena que tinc apadrinada, es diu Bienvenue, ooh es encantadora i carinyosa. Em va presentar la seva família a la seva casa i com en tots els llocs de Burkina Faso em vaig sentir molt ben rebuda. Per acabar, agraeixo a tots els voluntaris que fan que l’escola Good News pugui acollir més nens i a tots els organitzadors que fan molta feina perquè l’escola funcioni i segueixi endavant. Moltes gracies per deixar-me formar part d’aquest gran projecte!!!”



Dana Hakenova, Prague, Czech Republic

“I went to Burkina together with Aida in February 2013. I am happy that I could be part of that small world on the outskirts of Ouagadougou for at least a short time. I had the opportunity to spend there two weeks, spending quite few days at school with children teaching some of the classes of English. As I have an artistic background, I also tried to give a basic class on how to mix colours for painting. In the simple conditions of the school it was challenging, but fun at the same time. The children by nature are the same no matter which part of the world you are in. You will always have the quiet ones, those who always want teacher’s attention, those who like to joke or those who can’t pay attention and tend to interrupt the class etc. What is different in Burkina than where I come from is that children are excited when you give them crayons and ask them to draw something. This is simply because they don’t have any at home to play with them all the time, like we do. For them simple things like crayons, which we take for granted that every little child has, for them they are special. And there are many examples like this. For me the trip was also an opportunity to meet the little girl whom I sponsor, to get to know her and give her little present to encourage her in her studies. My French is terrible, as the Burkinabe people made sure to tell me, so we couldn’t get a lot of conversation, but for me the connection is now even more personal than before. My take back from this trip is that life in Burkina is tough beyond anyone’s imagination and people there cope with it with strength and positive spirit which most of us could envy them.”