Sponsor a child today

Thank you for wanting to help a child of Burkina! Use this page to contact us with your details and we will get in touch regarding how you can proceed with sponsoring a child. Your sponsorship will help make a difference to the society of the future.

Usually, we ask sponsors to help their child from Primary 2 to Primary 6. Each year your sponsorship will be 32 euros, and you will receive a drawing and a picture of your child, with his/her school marks. In this way you will see how he/she writes better, and grows up. If one year you cannot pay the sponsorship fee, just let us know and we will see how to help the child get another sponsor. When the child finishes Primary 6, if he/she passes the state exam, we will ask you if you are willing to pay secondary school, which is more expensive.

If you prefer to make a one-off donation or for donating materials (e.g. English textbooks, colour pencils, old school bags, etc.) use the form below to drop us a message or email apadrinaunnenaburkina@gmail.com


Normalment demanem al padrí/na que acompanyi al mateix nen/a de 2n fins a 6è de primària. Cada any et farem arribar un dibuix i foto del nen/a que tens apadrinat/da, amb les seves notes. Així aniràs veient com creix, i com dibuixa i escriu millor a mesura que passa el temps. Si un any no pots pagar els 32 euros, no passa res, si ens fas un email i ens avises mirarem de buscar un altre padrí al nen/a. Quan el nen/a acabi 6è, si aprova l’examen del govern, podràs decidir si pots ajudar-lo a seguir a secundària, que val més diners.

Per qualsevol dubte o aclariment, fes-nos un email.